Why AMS Transportation Services?

At AMS Transportation Services, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch non-emergency medical transportation. Our dedication and core values revolve around our customers. We are a family owned business, located in Northern Virginia.

We cater to a variety of client needs, some of which include to and from hospitals, senior living facilities, as well as social functions. We pride ourselves in providing door to door services for the elderly, senior citizens, and handicap patients along with patients of all ages who have disabilities at rates that are affordable.

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Personalized Transportation

Our Services

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At AMS Transportation Services safety is our number one priority. We provide a wide range of transport services for people who are disabled. Our vans are equipped with the latest wheelchair technologies securements. Our vehicles are rear-loading ramp entrance, equipped with Q-Straint securement tools and over the shoulder safety restraints.

Wheelchair Transportation

Our specialist can help develop your own personalized transportation.

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Doctors appointments

Physical therapy

Outpatient surgery

Dialysis Treatment

Social Outings

Hospital checkout

Nurse home/Assisting living

Long distance transportation

Our Core Values

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We believe in providing the highest possible care, making sure every patient is heard and listened to, while all needs are taken care of.

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We value your privacy when it comes to your personal information insuring medical history is protected while prohibiting unauthorized access.

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Our Skillful Staff

Our Skilled Staff goes above and beyond, with varied levels of skill and experience within the industry. We make sure all of our staff is properly certified.

Words from satisfied clients

Testimonials and Reviews

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I truly like the AMS translation service, the driver

Always make sure the temperature in the van is to my liking.

He is cheerful and happy.

Very accommodating, to all passenger's.

I always for ask for AMS service, the van is always clean and fresh smelling, and not squeaky.

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The owner of AMS Transportation, Mustafa, goes above and beyond for his members that he transports. He provides amazing, respectful, and courteous transportation service to everyone he works with. Even if you are in a pinch and need a same-day transport, he will do his best to accommodate. He truly goes above and beyond.

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Mustafa was right on time and helped me down a long set of steps to the van. He is very friendly, professional, kind and I felt safe under his care. When we got home, he again helped me up the steps and made sure I was safely in. I will absolutely call for Mustafa the next time I need a ride.

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8811 Sudley RD STE 115 Manassas, VA 20110


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Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 6:00 pm


9:00 am to 12 noon

Closed on Sundays

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